Trusted Trader - West Dunbartonshire

Appeal Process

If an applicant is refused access to the scheme or a current member has had their membership revoked then an appeals procedure is in place.

To start this process the applicant should write to the

Manager of Regulatory Services,

Council Offices,
Aurora House,
3 Aurora Avenue,
Clydebank, G81 1BF

  1. Appeals will be assessed by the Manager of Regulatory Services.
  2. Appeals will be conducted in writing and in some cases by way of a personal hearing.
  3. The decision of the head of department will be binding on all parties concerned, and the findings will be explained to the appellant in writing.
  4. Any costs incurred by the appellant in attending the appeal process will be borne solely by the appellant.
  5. Appeals must be received within 14 days of notification of refusal or revocation of membership