Trusted Trader

Dispute Resolution Process

Dumfries and Galloway Trusted Trader Scheme – Dispute Resolution Process

If a consumer is unhappy with any work carried out by a member of the Scheme, the trader must agree to comply with the dispute resolution procedure detailed below. However, if the trader is a member of an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service such as a Trade Association, Ombudsman or Code of Practice, complaints may be referred to that Service for independent adjudication and the Trusted Trader Dispute Resolution Process will be invoked.

1. Consumers and traders should initially try to resolve complaints though discussion. Any details of the complaint

should be made in writing to the other party.

2. If the complaint remains unresolved, either party may contact Trading Standards with details of the complaint.

3. Trading Standards will respond to both parties within five working days.

4. Trading Standards will investigate the complaint and mediate between both parties to attempt to resolve any issues. Member firms must agree to communicate fully with Trading Standards staff throughout the process of dealing with any dispute.

5. Members must keep records of disputes for a minimum of one calendar year.

6. If at any time, the consultation of an independent expert is required for example for inspections or testing, agreements will be sought from both parties about the arrangement of such a consultation including payment.