Trusted Trader

Dumfries and Galloway Council's Trusted Trader Scheme helps you to choose a reputable trader through viewing previous customer feedback.

The Dumfries and Galloway Trusted Trader scheme is a local business partnership which aims to increase consumer confidence, promote good practice within local businesses and help to protect local people from doorstep crime.  Anyone on the scheme has been checked by Trading Standards to make sure they are trading legally and they must adhere to our terms and conditions.  They agree to allow their customers to comment and rate their work and their business practices are subject to monitoring by Trading Standards.

  • We take great care to check business backgrounds before we admit them to the scheme.
  • We are one of the first to know about complaints because we see confidential information which is not available to anyone else.
  • We can't promise you will always be happy because nobody's perfect and that includes consumers! 
  • We promise to investigate any complaints and we won't keep a business on the list if they behave disreputably.


A win for Consumers and a win for Business

The success of the scheme depends on achieving the right balance between business and consumers. We need to attract enough of the right kind of business to create a service which offers enough choice to consumers, so that they keep coming back and businesses want to stay on the scheme.


We ask consumers how long they have known the business

See our about pages for more survey results.


  • Attracting reputable businesses: 1/3 of customers have known the business for 5 years or more.  This suggests that the scheme has attracted many businesses with a loyal customer base - exactly the kind of businesses we want to support.
  • Attracting new customers: 1/3 of customers are new, or have known the business for less than a year.  We trust that the scheme has played a part in attracting a significant proportion of these customers.

We can therefore say with some justification that the scheme has played a part in helping consumers to find some of the very best businesses in the area.  The About pages show that many of the customers are elderly and therefore potentially vulnerable.

Councillor Quote -

This scheme is run by your local authority Trading Standards department, and so it is especially important that we should be transparent about the results we have achieved. We will publish the results and update these pages regularly, so you can challenge us about any aspect.  

See our about pages for more details.